Starters & small meals

100g Ricotta-stuffed courgette rolls, dried-tomatoes salsa, toast 89,-
80g Pork lard flatbread with pickled cabbage 62,-
50g Salmon tartar, toast 95,-


0,25l Beef broth with noodles and vegetable 49,-
0,25l Creamy garlic soup with the croutons 54,-
Soup of the day

Main dishes


200g Spiced chicken steak with herb buttere 169,-
200g Pink roasted pork tenderloin, baked potato, garlic dip 279,-
150g Fried chicken escalope (schnitzel) 148,-
150g Fried pork escalope (schnitzel) 157,-


200g Catfish fillet with a butter roasted peas 215,-


100g Fried Gouda cheese 98,-
100g Grilled Camembert cheese, cranberries, toast 98,-
250g Potato gnocchi with dried tomatoes and parmesan 167,-


300g Mixed vegetable salad with medallions of pork tenderloin, toast 174,-
250g Mix of salad greens with ricotta cheese and olives, toast 159,-

Castle specials

600g Honey roasted pork ribs (tips), bread 210,-
150g Castle beef goulash, bread dumplings 185,-
150g Sausages with red cabbage, roasted potatoes 179,-
200g Turkey roulade with sage, spinach and dried tomatoes, mashed potatoes 192,-


1 pc Pancake with fruit jam or Nutella, whipped cream 46,-
100g Potato gnocchi with poppy seed, icing sugar and melted butter 52,-
Warm raspberries with ice cream and whipped cream 59,-


200g Roasted potatoes 40,-
200g Boiled potatoes 35,-
200g Mashed potatoes 40,-
200g Fries 40,-
200g Light castle potato salad 49,-
200g Grilled vegetables 59,-
1ks Bread 6,-
50g Tartar sauce 20,-
50g Herbal sauce 22,-
50g Ketchup 15,-