The restaurant is located in the side wing of the chateau. We offer traditional Czech dishes. Our local specialties include home-made potato dumplings, cones and various kinds of noodles.

During the summer months you can enjoy the outside terrace, while in winter you can sit by the fireplace. The interior decorated with wallpapers and paintings offers a homely atmosphere.

The restaurant is non-smoking and houses a collection of wooden toys. As such, it is ideal for children.

The restaurant (including the kitchen) was fully renovated in 2015.

We offer a selection of beers (Pilsner Urquel and Radegast 10°), fizzy drinks (ZON), wines (Líbal Winery in Horní Dunajovice), and fruit spirits and liqueurs from the family-owned Žufánek distillery.

For bookings, please call us on 739 348 915.

Starters & small meals

50g Salmon tartar, toast 85,-
80g Pork cracklings pancakes, sour cabbage 56,-
80g Beer braised sausages with onion and hot pepper, bread 65,-


0,25l Beef broth with noodles and vegetable 40,-
0,25l Traditional potato soup with herbs 42,-
  Soup of the day  

Main dishes


200g Spiced chicken steak with our herb pesto 148,-
200g Pink roasted pork tenderloin, baked potato with garlic dip 245,-
150g Fried chicken escalope (schnitzel) 125,-
150g Fried pork escalope (schnitzel) 133,-


150g Fillet of zander with spinach gnocchi, wine sauce 238,-
150g Fried carp chips, cabbage salad, dip 196,-


100g Fried Gouda cheese 89,-
250g Gnocchi with dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese 149,-


300g Mixed vegetable salad with medallions of pork tenderloin, toast 145,-
300g Farmer’s salad with egg, potatoes and bacon (mixed salad greens, onion) 135,-
300g Green salad with grilled goat cheese, toast 139,-

Castle specials

600g Honey roasted pork ribs (tips), bread 182,-
150g Castle beef goulash,, bread dumplings 159,-
150g Roasted roll of pork belly, mashed potatoes with onion 172,-
150g Grilled duck breast with „lepenice“ (mixture of cabbage and potatoes) 215,-


100g Gnocchi with poppy seed, sugar and melted butter 43,-
100g Castel waffles with nuts and honey/Nutella 52,-
  Warm raspberries with ice cream and whipped cream 53,-


200g Roasted potatoes 35,-
200g Boiled potatoes 30,-
200g Mashed potatoes 35,-
200g Fries 35,-
200g Light castle potato salad 40,-
200g Grilled vegetables 42,-
1ks Bread 6,-
50g Tartar sauce 20,-
50g Herbal sauce 22,-
50g Garlic sauce 22,-
50g Ketchup 15,-